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Our Vision and Values

Our Commitment

Belle Vue are committed to progress and believe every passenger should experience a travel experience that surpasses their expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a transport service that continually evolves, taking advantage of new technology and innovations to drive passenger safety and comfort forward resulting in an unrivalled service.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide a transport service by road that is safer, cleaner and greener.

We achieve our goals by investing time and money in areas of the business that produces results. We do this by investing in new fleet, training for our team, embracing new technology, and competing in industry awards to ensure we keep on top of our game.

How We Achieve Our Goals

We also employ five independent auditors to stretch us beyond our comfort zones, ensuring we remain above industry compliance levels and at the top of industry regulations. (See compliance).

The reason Belle Vue hires 5 sets of auditors is simple. The auditors set goals and targets that are above what we may set for ourselves, ensuring we operate ‘out of our comfort zone.’ (Just like a fitness coach in a gymnasium who will push an individual above what the individual aims for, resulting in better results faster.) If you aim for the moon, you will land among the stars.

How We Listen to Our Clients

We also compile Aftersales Forms, which is a summary of comments and scores from all group organisers and passengers. We have a three step win process from these Aftersales Forms.   


Positive Feedback

We take any positive comments back to our team which ensures we build a team that feels valued and rewarded.*


Constructive Criticism

We take any constructive criticism and throw it round the management table to create a better service from feedback our clients have given us.


Implement Changes

We can personally tailor our service to the individual tastes of each client based on their feedback.

*It is imperative for team morale that that our team feel the contribution they are making is making a difference to the company’s goal.

Arnold Ellershaw
District Commissoner 
Tame Valley Scouts
10 February 2016

Good Morning Rick,

I would like this opportunity to send a huge thank you to yourself, Kevin Rothwell the driver and the whole team at Belle Vue for your time and professionalism in our booking and the supplying the 83 seat coach for the cubs visit to Blackpool.

The coach was excellent as was the driver and the cubs and leaders had a great time even though the weather wasn't all that good.

Once again on behalf of Tame Valley District Many thanks for all your help and support.

The Result

The result of

  • investing in our fleet, team and business
  • having our auditors compile new goals and benchmarks
  • competing with the best UK operations in industry awards
  • listening to our clients
  • changing our service to enhance their travel experience

all makes a massive contribution in helping us meet our client's wants, needs and expectations.

This in turn results in an award-winning, market-leading service from a company that desires to be a UK leading operator.

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