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Our Maintenance Program

Belle Vue operate a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure our fleet are kept in a safe and efficient condition at all times.

We operate the following procedures to ensure our Vehicle Maintenance is professional and meets legislation governed by DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency):

  • Daily Walk Round Vehicle Checks (One by the driver before using the vehicle and one by our maintenance at 6am every morning).

  • 28 Day Vehicle Inspection Checks

  • Annual MOT Testing with a very high pass rate.

  • Tachograph Assessments on a weekly basis and then we have them sent off to an outside contractor (Lloyd Morgan) for professional analysis.

  • Acci Cameras Kits are installed on board and are checked on the Walk Round Check and on a weekly basis.

  • Daily Quality Control Spot Checks on the Fleet

  • Quality Control Checks every evening after the fleet is valeted and parked up.

  • A rigid paperwork policy that records all vehicle faults and their rectifications.

Our Maintenance Philosophy

  • To have up to date well managed maintenance premises incorporating two coach parks, a coach garage and body shop.

  • Having a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy in place that is designed and governed by a Bespoke Insurance Specialist – Lloyd Morgan Group.

  • Acting on our annual Insurance Inspections and keeping our Management Systems up to date as legislation changes.

  • Carrying out Risk Assessments on a regular basis.

  • Reviewing and Updating our Operational Procedures.

  • Ensuring all staff are trained to DVSA Standards by attending regular Training Courses.

  • Having all Vehicle Lifting Equipment in our garage Inspected and Certified on a 6 monthly basis by qualified engineers through our Insurance Specialist.

  • Having all Vehicle Lifts Inspected on a 6 monthly basis to Loler Standards.

  • Viewing all CCTV Vehicle Images where required.

Rachael Nock
Administration Manager,
Abbey Hey Primary Academy

8 December 2015

Hello Rik

We would just like to let you know that our driver taking the children to Altrincham, Phil Kellitt Was absolutely AMAZING!!!

Very professional, helpful and went the extra mile to help the children and staff. Once again, thank you so much to everyone there - you have been a great help in rearranging our trip. Phil - you're an absolute legend!!

Our Maintenance Department is managed by our Maintenance Director – Mr Ken Walsh

Ken started with the company in September 2001 and since his time with the business we believe he is without doubt – ‘the best in the business.’ Ken has the same attitude as the Directors, ‘In life there are no problems – only challenges and there is nothing we cannot achieve!’

If there is a more passionate and dedicated engineer in the coach industry we have yet to meet him! Our maintenance department has grown considerably since Ken joined the company.

We currently have a young team of engineers who are passionate and dedicated and they strive to be the best. These chaps are a true reflection of the character of Ken and they ensure our fleet is running to speed at all times. Ken has a dedicated agenda in his duties with Belle Vue but in what little spare time he has off, he takes great pleasure in renovating old vehicles.

These are mainly old lorries and coaches that have been sat in some back yard of the previous owners for decades, almost century’s! Once Ken (and his brother Ray) get hold of these vehicles they renovate them in a matter of weeks!

They strip the wrecks down to the chassis and start to rebuild them from the frame up – in immaculate condition. You must understand that no mega expensive parts are sourced, what parts they cannot source competitively they make! – No kidding!

There is no job that Ken Walsh cannot do. Maintaining and operating coaches in no challenge at all to Ken on reflection of the projects he has carried out with his brother Ray. They operate under ‘K&R Walsh Brothers’ and are well known within the Industry and with all Vehicle Enthusiasts.

Maybe you will see them exhibiting near you? Check them out at

PCV Garage Services

We offer the following services to outside Coach Operators and Commercial Contractors.

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • MOT Preparation

  • MOT Testing

  • Brake Testing

  • Replacement Coach with Driver to carry your onward journeys

  • Business Consultancy & Management / Staff Training for small PCV Operators. (Including Accountancy, Marketing, HR, Operational Procedures, Maintenance, Growth & Development). For further information please visit

If you require any help or advice and would like to speak to our team please do not hesitate to contact our office any time.

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