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Vehicle Tracking

Why use vehicle tracking?

Belle Vue operate a fleet of 70 vehicles covering services across the north west, the UK and the EU.

All of our vehicles have tracking systems on board. All of our coaches and school buses have Traffilog Tracking Systems fitted to the vehicles. All of our new Optare Hybrid Versa school buses have Actia Tracking Systems fitted.

Our tracking systems are brilliant because:

  • We can see where our vehicles are and what they are doing
  • We can control engine idling
  • We can control driving performance, by cutting out inefficiency and making rides smoother
  • ​With regular weekly driver interviews we can increase driver performance
  • ​We can save fuel costs of anything between 0 – 20%. We are currently saving around 8 – 12%
  • We can pay drivers who deserve it better salaries with performance bonuses

And the big one…

For regular clients, we can offer you access codes so you can track your vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking system is one of the best managed policies in the UK transport sector. We won the best ‘Safety & Innovation Award’ in the UK Coach Awards 2015.

If you would like further information on any of our tracking operations please contact our transport office:

Newmarket Tour Manager
Newmarket Tour to Buckingham Palace

29 September 2015

Dear Adam,

Just thought I'd let you know what a pleasure it was to work with James last weekend. He was reliable, courteous and helpful and displayed good humour at all times - even when finding himself trapped in his hotel room and having to climb out of the window!! His driving skills were great and commented on very favourably by the passengers.

Please see below a photo taken on our return to Manchester. Please feel free to use this on your website as an example of customer satisfaction!

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