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Terms and Conditions

Hereon Belle Vue Manchester Limited will be known as The Company. The Customer will be known as The Hirer. By signing and returning this form The Hirer has entered into a binding contract with The Company. It will be deemed that The Hirer accepts full responsibility by himself / herself for every person in his / her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:

  1. Parking Fees. All parking fees are to be paid by the customer.
  2. Departure Times. All collection times and departure times are to be adhered to at all times unless agreed otherwise with the Management (not the driver). A maximum time of twenty minutes will be allowed if the customer is late. Then the vehicle will pull off the job to meet other transport deadlines.
  3. Payment. For all jobs over £100, a deposit of £100 is required to secure the booking and the remainder must be paid 14 days before departure. Failure to pay in full 14 days before departure will cancel the booking and all deposits will not be returnable
  4. Breakdowns. Every effort is afforded to ensure the service ability of the vehicles. In the event of mechanical failure of a vehicle during a journey a replacement vehicle will be issued at the earliest opportunity. No refunds will be given what so ever. No monies will be given for loss of ticket costs and travel expenses of any sort. If the vehicle has to be changed prior to the booking for whatever reason a similar or alternative vehicle will be supplied at the discretion of the company. If this is unsatisfactory a refund will be given.
  5. Alcoholic Beverages, Food & Drink, Chewing Gum, Illegal Substances and Smoking are not permitted on the vehicle. Failure to comply with this will result in the driver asking passengers or the party to leave the vehicle.
  6. Abuse. Any passengers causing abuse either verbal or physical to any other person including passengers, members of the public or the driver, they will be asked to leave the vehicle and the Police will be informed immediately.
  7. Damages to Vehicle. The Hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused inside or outside the vehicle by the Hirer or any member of his / her party how ever caused. This includes incitement to ANY third party, which results in damage to the vehicle or its contents. The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair, and the location of the repairer will be determined by the Company. In addition The Hirer will be liable to pay the Company a fixed daily rate (determined by the Company) while the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further incurred losses i.e. by lost bookings.
  8. The Drivers Rights. The driver reserves the right to refuse admission to any person/s who he/she considers unfit to travel in the vehicle for what-ever reason. They can also refuse to continue the journey if any person behaves in a manner which may be detrimental to other people, or the vehicle and its contents. In this event no refund will be given.
  9. Luggage. All luggage must be kept in the boot or side lockers on coaches. Hand luggage only is allowed in the vehicle. Walkways must be kept clear at all times in case of an emergency.
  10. Delays. Any delays caused by traffic will not entitle the customer to refunds. At the discretion of the management part refunds may be issued in the case of severe delays caused by Belle Vue.
  11. Cancellation. Cancellation of bookings will result in the customer losing their deposit. If cancellation is within 24 hours of the booking being carried out the customer will lose all monies paid.
  12. A valeting charge of £100 will be levied, through misuse by The Hirer from food, drink or illness, or whatever the retail cost may be if in excess of this amount to rectify said damage caused.
  13. Personal Possessions. Belle Vue Manchester Ltd will not be held responsible for personal possessions left on the vehicle.
  14. All booklet prices are based on a single passenger collection point in Stockport or the surrounding area and include the loading of up to three wheelchair passengers. Outside of these limitations, there may be a small additional charge.
  15. The Company reserves the right to alter prices prior to accepting your reservation.
  16. Any attractions/hotels etc. mentioned are suggestions only and organizers should make their own enquiries as to the suitability of such destinations. The Company accepts no responsibility for costs incurred or for the quality of service received at such venues.
  17. All our coaches are fitted with SEATBELTS and each passenger must ensure he/she wears a seatbelt when the vehicle is in motion.
  18. Customer Feedback. We welcome customer feedback on all our services so we can make constant improvements to our services. Please fill in the aftersales form given by the driver or should you ever find reason to complain please contact our ‘Customer Services Dept’ on 020 3026 6375.
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